Preschoolers: Cognitive Development DVD
Preschoolers: Cognitive Development
Item # LS-2007-08

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It is simply fascinating to observe how preschoolers begin to use language, mental imagery and symbolic thinking; think of past and future events; and think about their own thinking. Children start to clearly express themselves and grasp sophisticated mental activities, including emotion, motivation, intention and memory. Using footage of preschoolers in the classroom, dynamic graphics and interviews with teachers and caregivers, this program delivers a detailed overview of the cognitive development that takes place between the ages of three and five.

This program shows how the brain grows neural bridges and strengthens a child’s intellect, widely studied developmental theories of cognitive development and how to encourage it and characteristics of preoperational thought. Also covered are areas of language development, how children use symbolic thought and how “theory of the mind” helps preschoolers understand what the mind is and how it works. We also demonstrate teaching methods to guide preschoolers to higher-order thinking skills.

Runtime: 24 minutes.

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