Breakfast Eggstravaganza! DVD
Breakfast Eggstravaganza!
Item # LS-1292-06

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Learning Seed’s first cooking program!
What would a cooking show on MTV look like? Pretty much like Breakfast Eggstravaganza!

This is not your parent’s educational video. Host, creator, and professional chef Erik “Egg” Berlin mixes cooking basics with a unique visual style and original hip-hop music to cook up a program young viewers will enjoy. He demonstrates how to cook a delicious breakfast from scratch, using easy-to-understand, step-by-step techniques.

At the core of the program are real cooking skills and practical information. Viewers will learn to prepare delicious dishes with limited resources. Use this video to show students they can create great food with very little time, money or equipment.

Learn How To Prepare:
-Chili and Eggs w/ Tortilla crisps
-Huevos Rancheros
-French Toast
-Fruit and Yogurt Parfait

Includes worksheets on “Understanding The Recipe” and “Safety And Sanitation”.

Runtime: 22 minutes